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Car Air Freshener
Car Air Freshener
Car Air Freshener
Car Air Freshener
Car Air Freshener

Car Air Freshener

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For the finishing touches to your car's interior, add a little fragrance with this felt car air freshener! Go on, pick out your favorite scent and freshen up your ride!

•scented fresheners will come non scented, and with a 3ml bottle of fragrance, so that you can spray as much, or as little as you would like. 
•spray scent about 2-3 inches away from freshener. Re-spray as needed.
•Spray only on felt car freshener.
*if fragrance gets on dash, clean immediately, as oils may cause damage

If you select the unscented option you will NOT receive a fragrance spray. When using your own oil or spray, make sure to use a clear one as dark sprays/oils may stain the air freshener. 

~All items are made to order. Turn around time: 3-7 biz days.

*Do NOT set on plastic, or wood surfaces.
*Do NOT place on dash
*keep away from pets and children

If you opt to send your own photo, please make sure it is high quality. Send your photo to with your order number in the subject. If you are ordering multiple air fresheners, please specify what photo goes with what scent.